Cloud Security Access Control

Falco is a leading Access Control brand in Malaysia. Our Flexibility and Professional designs seamlessly meets your needs.

Door Access

Intrusion Alarm

Time Attendance


Barrier Gate


MBox – Plug & Play

A product designed for security professionals that delivers fast “plug-and-play” access control system.

Heavy on feature. Light on installation.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System (VMS) | VMS with Multi-Tenant Calling App. (Intercom)
FALCO VMS places value, ease and control over your visitors. Encompassing functionalities like electronic Notice Board, Panic Distress feature, Smart-App Calling feature and booking a facility that is integrated to your security access control system.
Intercom is already one of the most powerful and popular tools when it comes to visitor management. But when connected with a calling app, its capabilities can grow even more. It is a simple way to connect a variety of mixed-use building and integrated to your security access control system.

Face Recognition | Car Plate Recognition | QRCode

Face Recognition

Fast, Secure and Convenient

Biometric Access using face with Powerful Chip, Functional, Elegant Appearance and Temperature Series

Mobile Application

Secure your premises with mobile apps.

Visitor management software to manage your visitor/contractor thru our new cloud based solution.


Things move fast in the tech world. As new trends constantly emerge, FALCO keep shaping the industry for driving innovation, accomplishing business goals, and remaining competitive.

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