IP Door

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The native IP controller series has been evolving over the last 12 years. Created as a native IP platform, it has always spearheaded the newest access technologies in the world market. Developed to guarantee the highest technology to the integrators, the IP controllers enable the demands of the most complex access control systems to be reached. However, since we are always thinking about enabling the best cost benefit in security investments, the IP controllers were projected to enable important financial savings in infrastructure and installation. All the IP controllers are able to control up to two doors. This guarantees limitless flexibility at installation.




Effective Infrastructure Leverage on the usage of existing network infrastructure, hence saving your cost. Adaptive Network Bandwidth High bandwidth with high speed polling transmits data easily, enabling real-time transaction to the users.


Client to Server Environment Communication between Server and FALCO controllers happens whenever an event is active on the controller. Peer to Peer Communication Communication between one controller with another controller without the need of the database server acting as the facilitator.


High Speed Transmission

Patented card searching algorithm to search card database within 1 second for controller memory of 150k users.

Secure Technology

Falco proprietary protocol utilized. Integrated power supply module ensures stable operation despite electricity cut-off. Door controller and the relay are placed in secure location for the better security

Larger Storage

Unbeatable technology enables Falco controller to support up to 150k users & 80k events memory


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