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Secure Any Property

Automatic software updates, industry compliance, flexibility, security and capital-expenditure free. These are the benefits of hosting VAULT Enterprise software on Cloud. The more employees, freelancers and locations, the greater the need to have a watertight access control system in place. Updating access control system from anywhere gives you the agility to update or delete access rights immediately.


Increments of one up to hundreds or thousands of IP controllers, one by one, provide great flexibility to the system. From small companies to global companies with installations in every continent, VAULT Enterprise allows for unlimited scalability

High Level Lift Integration

FALCO elevator integrations control access to floors with a High Level Interface (HLI) between an elevator system and access control system. The integrated destination lift system improves security by restricting access to floors dependent on access privileges and provides smoother people flow in buildings. The administrator can control lift usage and improve security, by defining open and closed floors for public access and single lift calls for identified persons by using Vault Cloud Site software.

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SQL Data Bank

The use of MSDE, SQL Express or SQL Server database structure confers flexibility and high stability from small to big projuect.

Mobile Apps

Vault Cloud Enterprise offer state of art integrated VMS, Facial and License Plate Recognition technology for tenant and visitor. Visitor can send photo, license plate number and other credential before tenant approval thru the app.

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