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Regardless of the size of your organization, the desire to keep people and goods securely inside and threats outside has become a fundamental premise, solidifying the use of security systems such as Access Control. At the same time, Access Control offers total mobility, because it is a CLOUD platform allowing any computer or mobile device with a navigator to be connected to the system, through the internet. It is an open architecture solution, making integration with several other systems easy, either through SDK, Metadata, On-screen Display or Data Banks.

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VAULT Visitor Management System


VAULT Visitor Management System gives you flexibility to register your visitor in various ways

Client Module

VAULT VMS offer simple interface for check-in, with basic or detailed data enables incredible registration speed. The system even saves visitor data, for a determined time, for greater registration agility on the visitor’s next visit.

Vault Cloud Intercom

Is a cloud based system with the latest resources, in accordance with the needs of companies that require maximum agility on temporary credential control. The Intercom is a crucial part of the infrastructure in any guarded neighborhood be it commercial or residential, condo, or landed homes. Without a working intercom system, the guards can only be expected to register visitors as they lack the necessary tools to confirm and verify visitors prior to allowing entry.

Unfortunately, many cabled systems fail over time due to hardware malfunction or degrading wires. These are very expensive to maintain and even more expensive to replace. VAULT CLOUD INTERCOM feature is a cost-effective solution that links the guardhouse directly to a resident’s mobile phone giving better functionality and reach.

Mobile App

From physical to digital credentials is another example of how FALCO is embracing a philosophy of sustainability and dematerialisation in its security and access control offerings

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